Karen and Mary Ann’s Big Moving Adventure. 

The Gazzaniga sisters are moving!  Karen and Mary Ann are developmentally disabled adult sisters who were cared for by their Aunt who died in 2015.  For the past three years they have been on their own, but have now been approved for residence in a “Shared Living” program.

They are excited, but need help.  Remember:  Helping the developmentally disabled is one of the core objectives of the Knights.  (That’s where all that Tootsie Roll money goes!).

We will be participating with volunteers from other organizations who are all encouraged to use the sign-up sheet below.
We need volunteers in the following three categories:
  1. Empty Box Brigade

    May 1-5  During the week, round up empty boxes from liquor stores, etc. and drop them off at their apartment, 240 Main St. #516.  You can do this any time you wish.  They are home every weekday after 3:00 p.m. and all day on weekends.  You can call ahead to make sure they are there:  508-485-9666.  Just tell them you are with the Knights, they will buzz you in.

  2. Packing Crew

    Week of May 5 – 11th.  This is a delicate mission and could benefit from a feminine touch.  These ladies are experiencing a most uncertain upheaval in their lives, and need some reassurance and comforting hands on board.  It would be an excellent opportunity for some of our wives and daughters.  Two or three people at a time would be ideal.  Any more than that and you would be getting in each other’s way.  A couple hours each day for three or four days should do it. They really don’t have much. There are sign-up sheets below for each day during this period. Between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. would be an excellent time.  They go to bed early.

  3. Moving Men

    May 12th – the Big Day.  They have one couch, two recliners, two beds, four dressers, a small kitchen table and chairs, three or four little end tables, and a few odds and ends.  And the boxes of clothes, etc.  That’s it.  Not much.  They live a very simple life.  If the Box Brigade and Packing Crew do a good job, everything should be boxed and ready to move quickly.  About 3 pickup trucks and 4-6 strong guys should do it in one trip, maybe two.  They are only moving a few blocks away.  Use the sign-up sheet below if you can pitch in.

When you sign up, the Webmaster will generate a list of participants and circulate email addresses so we can all coordinate.

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