Welcome to Council #81’s
Super Bowl Square Pool

2023 Winners! 

Thanks to all who played the Council #81 Super Bowl Square Pool.  Here are our winners:

  $10 Pool $25 Pool
Q1 Larry Demeo Mike Bleecker
Q2 John Butler Matt Cederholm
Q3 Miltons Paul Piazza
Q4 Kathy OhEigeartaigh John Dedecko

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View$25 Pool Live Grid

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Click the buttons below to choose your pool, pick your squares, and pay.

Here’s how the Square Pool works:

You pay $10 per square. You may buy as many squares as you wish. Your name (or nickname) will appear in the square(s) you buy.  After the grid is filled, numbers from 0 to 9 are randomly generated and entered into the index squares across the top row and down the left column. At the end of each Quarter of the Super Bowl, you look up the score on the grid and match the last digit of each team’s score.  

Sample tableFor example, on this sample game, at the end of the first quarter, if the Giants are ahead 14-3, you would find the number 4 on the left column (i.e., the last digit of the Giant’s score), and the number 3 on the top row (i.e., the Dolphin’s score). Where those two numbers intersect on the grid is the winner of that quarter’s prize.
(You can’t pre-select your numbers. You can only select your squares. The index row and column will be blank when you select your squares, and numbers will be randomly assigned and announced before the game starts.) 

You can click the button below to see the actual grid as it fills up, and print the completed grid before game time.


A prize of $150 will be awarded at the end of the first, second, third and fourth quarters, for a total of $600 in payouts. The balance will be retained by the Knights of Columbus, Council #81, a registered 501(c) charity, and applied to our charitable work in the Marlboro – Hudson area.  A few more rules are printed below.

Here’s how the $25 pool works:

You pay $25 per square.  Prizes are increased to $375 per quarter, $1,500 in total prizes!

View the squares:

$10 Pool:

View $10 Pool Live Grid

$25 Pool:

View$25 Pool Live Grid

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Here’s how to Join a Pool:

  1. Read all the instructions in this box first.
  2. After you have read all the instructions, click on a button below to register for a pool.
  3. You will be taken to the SquaresPool site.  When you get there, click “Pick A Super Bowl Square.” 
  4. You will be prompted to enter your name or select a “user handle” (i.e., nickname). If you don’t want your full name to appear on the grid, you can use “Joe T.” or “Maverick,” etc.
  5. When asked to enter your initial password, enter:    KC81 
  6. After you log in, you will be prompted to create your individual password.
  7. Proceed to select your squares. Your nickname will be entered into your chosen squares automatically.
  8. Remember to return to this page to pay for your squares using the link below

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There are three easy ways to pay:  (1) credit card or debit card (a small service charge applies);
(2) Venmo; or (3) deliver cash or check to a Council member or the Council office below.

$10 Square Pool

$10 Squares
Your player nickname

$25 Square Pool

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You may also pay using Venmo with no service charge if you have a Venmo account.  Just remember to list your Nickname in the “Notes” box when checking out so we’ll know who  to credit.
(The charge will appear to the name of Council #81’s Grand Knight)


There is a small convenience fee added to the price for credit or debit card purchases to cover the cost of credit card processing charged to us.  If you wish to avoid it, you can mail a check or deliver cash to:

Knights of Columbus Council #81
277 Main St.
Marlborough, MA 01752

Persnickety Rules

  1. If a pool sells out, another will be rolled out if there is sufficient time before the Super Bowl.
  2. In the event a pool is not fully sold, prizes will be adjusted proportionately.  Unsold squares will be marked “No Winner” and any prize for an unsold square will be rolled over to the other quarters proportionately.  
  3. If payment is not made within 24 hours of reserving a square, that square will be released and resold. 
  4. If payment is not received by game time, that square will be marked “No Winner” and any prize for that square will be rolled over to the other quarters proportionately.  
  5. Grid numbers will be assigned by a random number generator at www.squarespool.com.


    Leave a message for the Super Bowl Pool Chairman: