In memoriam, Sir Knight Christie T. Rembetsy — 5 Comments

  1. Christie was a true gentleman. While I was GK, he was our Faithful Recorder. We would enjoy seeing him enter the council chambers carrying his minute book along with all the correspondence from previous meetings. I often wondered how he managed to carry that book. RIP MY FRIEND.

    Don McCormack

  2. When you think of guys like Christie Rembetsy and Paul Harrington, Knights such as them only come along once in a generation. Having two such individuals in the Council at the same time was amazing. They set the bar extremely high and left behind a legacy that will go unrivaled for a very long time.

    Steve Thomas

  3. Christie will be missed! He was one of the first parishioners we met when we moved here from Michigan. He always had a smile and a kind word. I feel sad that I will miss his wake and funeral. We are visiting family and friends in Michigan. We come back on an early flight on Saturday so if we get back to Marlborough in time we will get to the funeral.

    Dale Dolesh

  4. Christie joined the Knights in 1963 and he was instrumental in my joining the Knights in 1969.
    He was a true Catholic gentleman and showed me the way through the officers’ jobs that I had the honor to hold. I remember Christie visiting me in the hospital when I had my stroke in my mid 30’s. He and Pat Mucci brought a deck of cards and the three of us played Pitch. He was an inspiration to all.

  5. I had the pleasure of working with Christie and many others with the Marlborough Life Teen Mass program and he was always a pleasure to be around. My girls and all the teens loved his gentle ways and the insight he often gave on certain things they asked about. His wisdom and generosity went far with those kids and they hung on every word he had to say. I am blessed to have known him and know my girls feel the same way. Rest in Peace my friend, you will be greatly missed. You were an Angel among the living and now you are one at home with God.

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