Click here for the annual Council #81 Superbowl Square Pool.

The Free Throw Championship was held on Saturday, January 22, 2022 and was a big success.  Although Covid reduced our entries to 10 participants, an excellent event was enjoyed by all.  

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all our participants, especially the little brothers and sisters, too young to compete, who were given a chance to sink a few and were given award certificates. 

Thanks also to our Knights and volunteers who set up, judged, rebounded, and cleaned up!  

Keeping Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Winners at St. Michael’s Parish

Photo of Grand Knight delivering check to State officersPhoto of Council #81 members at State Charity Ball

Labor Day Parade!

Council #81 marched . . . er, strolled . . . in the 69th Annual Marlborough Labor Day Parade.    


Home of the Devine Mercy Vocational Training Institute

Covid-19 has hit hard all over the world, but the Devine Mercy Vocational Training Institute has been uniquely impacted.  The girls are at grave risk of sexual exploitation without the protection of the Institute, and now must stay on campus and avoid traveling back and forth.  The need for completing the dormitory construction is thus urgent. Fr. Evarist has made an appeal for additional funds to accelerate the construction of the dormitory building before the rainy season sets in.  Read more about the Institute by clicking the links below, and make a donation if you can help out. Home of the Divine Mercy Institute News Thank you note from Fr. Evarist

UPDATE:  We are saddened to announce that Father Ankwasiize Evarist, the founder of the Home for Divine Mercy in Uganda, passed away on Christmas Eve from Covid-19.
Father Everest was a member of the Order of Apostles of Jesus and had been a priest for 17 years. He traveled to the village of the Nyanja just before Christmas to conduct several funerals.  He spoke to Council #81 member Rich Pulice two days before he died.  Although he was not able to see it opened, we are heartened to know that Father Evarist was able to return to the Home, and to see the amazing progress made on the dormitory.
Following his passing, work on the dormitory continues, and we are now at the point of supplying it with mattresses and other related necessities.  We expect 35 girls to begin residing there in the next few days. The Sister of the Consolers of the Sacred Heart will continue to operate the Home, and to care for Father Evarist’s mother, father and uncle.  A few of our friends and partners in Uganda are assisting with legal and operational matters.
Thank you for your faith and support of the Home.  The progress made there would not be possible without Council #81’s support as well many of our member’s individual support.  Please pray for the repose of th soul of Father Evarist.  His mission will continue.  May he rest in Peace.