Help move the Blessed Mother

In 1962, Katie Cunis and Fred Keane, students at Marian High School in Framingham, were killed in a tragic car accident. The class of ’62 raised funds and purchased a statue of the Blessed Mother which was erected at the Thurber Street entrance and dedicated in 1964 to the honor of the BlessedMother and the memory of Katie and Fred. 
For more than 50 years Marian teachers pointed out the significance of that statue to students during prom season, and the Blessed Mother has stood guard protecting Marian students from another senseless tragedy. Now that the school has closed, the families and class of ’62 have sought to relocate the statue to an appropriate place of honor.
St. Cecelia’s Parish in Ashland has agreed to provide such a place of honor and the Archdiocese has agreed to the relocation.  Only one impediment stands in the way:  the Archdiocese requires that the statue be moved by a firm skilled in the safe handling of such sensitive objects, and the cost will be $3,500.00.  The Cunis and Keane families have committed to fund a large share of that.  Since so many Marian Alumni are members of the Knights of Columbus, an immediate outpouring of donations has arisen.  Several councils and the Edward McSweeney Assembly of Fourth Degree Knights have donated toward the cause already.    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Marian_High_School_Framingham_MA_cropped2.jpg
Sir Knight Richard J. DeAngelis, Esq., ’64 was in the graduating class the year of the original dedication and played on the hockey team with Fred Keane.  He is heading up the Knights’ fundraising efforts in conjunction with the Class of ’62 lead by Janet Jones McCarron ’62.
If you wish to help out, you can click the “Donate” button below which will direct donations specifically to this cause.
A re-dedication ceremony will be announced.
Thanks for your support.
Mike Tremblay
Marian Class of ’74
Council #81 Advocate and Webmaster



Help Relocate the Blessed Mother Statue